inviting bedroom with ductless system

Keep All Your Rooms Cozy with Ductless Heating

inviting bedroom with ductless systemThe chilly weather has returned to our area, and with it, the need to heat your home. If you have old, electric baseboard heat, or a space in your home that’s not as comfortable as you’d like once the cold weather hits, you may want to consider installing ductless heating in your home.

Ductless heating is a type of heating system that is installed as a single unit. One ductless unit can heat a room or a zone in your home. Most people who choose ductless to heat their entire home have multiple units installed. Ductless systems do not require ductwork to operate, and most ductless systems use a heat pump rather than fossil fuels to keep your home warm. Keep reading to learn more about ductless heating systems, and how they can provide you with the comfort you need.

What are some of the benefits of ductless heating?

If you’re new to ductless heating, you might not be sure about how it can help you heat your home. Some of the benefits of installing a ductless system in your home include:

  • Energy efficiency. Ductless systems are known for their high energy efficiency, and that can help you save money on your utility bills. Many homeowners are choosing to replace old electric baseboard heating systems with ductless ones.
  • Safe operation. If you have a space in your home where you might otherwise use a space heater, ductless is an ideal alternative. Unlike a space heater, ductless systems don’t take up valuable floor space, as they’re usually installed high on a wall or in the ceiling. And, because they don’t use fuel like a kerosene heater, you don’t have to worry about them causing burns or fires.
  • Quiet operation. Ductless heating systems are perfect for use in spaces like bedrooms and entertainment areas because they’re quiet – many homeowners who use ductless say it’s as quiet as a whisper. Your ductless unit won’t drown out your television or stereo and will allow you to sleep soundly.
  • Cooling capabilities. One of the biggest benefits of ductless is that it can also serve as air conditioning in the warmer months. Because it uses heat pump technology, your ductless system will extract heat from the outdoor air in the cooler months and “pump” it into your home. In the summer, that process can be reversed, extracting heat from your indoor air and pumping it outside.
  • Ease of maintenance: Many people find that ductless systems are very easy to maintain. While it’s always recommended that you have your ductless system checked out annually by an experienced HVAC technician, you’ll be able to easily check the filter yourself and clean it when it becomes dirty. That can help improve your indoor air quality, too.

Where can I use ductless heating in my home?

As we mentioned above, ductless heating systems can be installed in single spaces or can be installed using multiple units throughout the home. Ductless heating is a great choice in homes that don’t have ductwork, such as those that used radiant heat or electric baseboard heat in the past. Ductless systems are also ideal for any areas where you may have created additional living space outside of your home’s duct system, such as additions, seasonal rooms, converted attics or garages, or finished basements.

How can Ables, Inc. help me get the ductless heating I need this winter?

At Ables, Inc., we’re pleased to provide our customers with complete heating services, including ductless heating installation, maintenance, and repair. If you think ductless might be the right choice for your home, Zanesville residents give us a call at (740) 453-6015 and Cambridge please contact us at (740) 439-2186, and we will be more than happy to help you.

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