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When you need heating repair for your Zanesville home, you should know you can count on Ables, Inc. to help. Our experienced technicians will provide you with prompt, professional heating repair services – helping you and your family feel more comfortable in no time!


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Nobody wants to think about a heating system breakdown.

It always seems like heating systems stop working on the coldest night of the year – leaving you and your family feeling chilly and uncomfortable. If your heating system is showing signs that it might be headed for a breakdown, you need a reliable contractor to help. At Ables, Inc. we’ve been helping people with their heating repair needs since 1967 – and we can help you, too.

Furnace Repairs

If a furnace is well maintained, it tends to run without an issue. However, if your furnace stops working, or is cycling and shutting off, or if it’s blowing cold air, then you should give us a call. As you probably know, these problems tend to happen during the coldest Ohio winter days. Don’t hesitate to use our emergency number to come out to your home and take care of your broken furnace. Many times we find that we can get your furnace up and running again within a few hours.

Boiler Heating System Repairs

Because boilers rely on water to run through pipes after going through the heat exchanger, there are a number of issues that relate to the chemistry of water. It can manifest itself in something as simple as a leak from a valve or fitting. Other times it’s going to be about mineral deposits and limescale based on the water your using and its chemical makeup. We have been working on boilers since 1967 and are familiar with all of the usual and unusual problems you can have with a boiler. If your boiler is making strange sounds or leaking—or just not working, then give us a call. We can come out and get your boiler working again.

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps that need repairs will show some of the same signs as boilers and furnaces. First, if you’re not getting any heat from your heat pump, then give us a call. Other signs of a heat pump needing some technical attention are loud noises, leaks, and icy build up on your coils. If your heat pump is cycling in short intervals or is starting to smell musty or like something is burning, then that’s a signal to give us a call to take a look at your heat pump. Heat pumps are usually going to keep on working for up to a decade, if they are properly maintained by an HVAC technician. However, heat pumps can develop issues with refrigerant, electrical systems, or motors. Our trained staff can usually troubleshoot your heat pump and find a solution to get your heat running again. Give us a call the minute you suspect there might be an issue with your heat pump.

Ables, Inc. can help you get the heating repair you need

When you call Ables, Inc. to help you with your heating repair needs, our award-winning, certified technicians will have your heating system repaired and working properly quickly. We provide 24-hour heating repair services to Zanesville and the surrounding areas, even on weekends!

Signs You Need Heating System Repairs

While a failing heating system is unfortunate, there are usually signs that your equipment will give you when it needs repair. Calling Ables, Inc. as soon as you notice one of these signs can help prevent a full system breakdown.

  • Your system is making banging or grinding noises.
  • There is an unpleasant odor coming from your system.
  • Your system is not turning on, or turns off and on frequently.
  • Your home is not being properly heated, no matter how high you turn up the thermostat.
  • Your energy bills have increased for no apparent reason.
Furnace Repair by a technician

Ables, Inc. is pleased to offer a variety of heating services to meet your needs.

  • Heating Maintenance and Tune-Ups: Getting annual maintenance for your heating system can help it operate more effectively and efficiently, helping you enjoy better comfort.

When you need heating repair for your Zanesville home, Ables, Inc. can help. The professionals at Ables, Inc. are ready to help you get the expert heating repairs you need for your Zanesville home.

There’s no need to feel chilly and uncomfortable – just give us a call at (740) 453-6015 or contact us online today!