Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Zanesville

The installation of a new air conditioning system in your home is a significant project requiring the expertise of certified and experienced HVAC professionals to ensure proper execution. The timeframe for most AC installations typically ranges from half a day to a day and a half, depending on the specific layout and heat envelope of each home.

Given the significant advancements in the air conditioning industry, it's crucial for our technicians to visit your home for an assessment of your existing system. This assessment allows us to determine the most effective way to install your new system and take advantage of SEER2 advancements.


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Residential Amana Unit

Save up to $3,715 on a new high efficiency heating and cooling system

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Residential Amana Unit

New Air Conditioning Systems are More Efficient

Today's air conditioning units are likely to have larger dimensions compared to your older system. This increase in size results from efforts to enhance efficiency and comply with new energy efficiency standards. Essentially, larger coils provide more surface space and improve cooling efficiency. Often, one of our primary considerations is ensuring the new system can fit into the space occupied by your old one. The positive outcome is that you'll enjoy a more efficient and cost-effective air conditioning system that will serve you well for years to come.

In Home Air Conditioning Inspection and Planning

To provide you with a precise estimate for the upcoming AC installation work, we send a skilled estimator who thoroughly assesses your home and its current air conditioning system. Our technicians understand the tasks and timelines for a typical installation. They will assess the need for special equipment and unique considerations that might arise during the removal of old equipment or the installation of the new system. The estimator examines your space requirements, ductwork features, electrical system, and the distinctive features of your home. Their expertise plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper execution of your new air conditioning installation.

Preparing for Your New AC Installation Project

Our installation team will arrive equipped with comprehensive instructions and a detailed list of all the equipment slated for installation. Maintaining open communication with you will help you understand our actions and reasoning. Our first priority is keeping your home clean during the installation process. We will lay down coverings and remove items that will impede progress. Additionally, we meticulously assess potential hazards or unforeseen situations, taking necessary precautionary measures. This can include shutting off relevant circuits and gas lines before commencing the removal of the old AC unit.

Removing Your Old AC System

We remove the old air conditioning system using best practices to ensure the safety of you, our technicians, and the environment. This includes removing the refrigerant in compliance with EPA standards, disconnecting the disconnect box, and removing the flexible electric conduit (the whip). Once we have successfully removed these parts of the old system, we are ready to pull it out for disposal and can start prepping the area for your brand new air conditioning system.

Installing the Outdoor AC Unit

We pride ourselves on using industry best practices to safely remove the old air conditioning system, prioritizing the safety of you, our technicians, and the environment. Following EPA standards, we extract the refrigerant and detach both the disconnect box and the flexible electric conduit (the whip). Once these components are successfully removed, we proceed to dispose of the old system and prepare the area for the installation of your new air conditioning system.

Installing the Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

Now we move indoors and connect the indoor unit to the furnace, incorporating a new line set when feasible. We meticulously check all the lines, ensuring they are free of potential contaminants. Once all connections are securely in place, we install a new disconnect and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the electrical system is primed for electronic communication. We inspect all wiring and connections for any potential problems. We also implement protective measures for your system against the elements. Only after verifying every item on our checklist do we pressurize the system.

Cool Air Flowing in Your Home With a New AC System

At Ables, we don't consider the job complete until we're confident that everything is working to our standards. Our meticulous testing and measuring procedures ensure that the system we install reflects the professionalism and expertise we bring to every project we do in Ohio. A comprehensive commissioning process not only assures us that your air conditioning system is ready to go, but it allows us to refer to this data when we return in a year to inspect your system and meet the requirements of your warranty.

How can Ables, Inc. Help Me Get a New AC System?

Much of our success in helping you is built around our years of experience and our ability to plan out our entire installation process for efficiency. Our experienced technicians are trained to inspect your home's current AC system and layout. They are familiar with how your home holds heat and how to move cool air through it in the most effective way possible. Our team of install technicians will arrive with a detailed plan and all the tools and equipment they need for the whole job. Within a day or two, your old AC will be gone and a new one will be humming along providing you with cool air.  

New, high-efficiency AC systems pay for themselves over time

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Signs You Need a New AC System Installed

Here are some indications that you might need to get a new air conditioning system installed in your home. Older systems will start to show signs of their age in a variety of ways. Here are a few indications that it may be time to give us a call for an estimate on a new system:

  • Your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise for no apparent reason.
  • Your current AC system is not keeping your home cool enough.
  • You’ve added on to your home over the years, but haven't upgraded your air conditioning system.
  • Your system is cycling on and off more frequently. 
  • You’ve had to make many expensive repairs in recent years.
  • Your AC unit has not received annual maintenance and is showing signs of wear and tear.
  • Strange noises, unusual leaks, blowing warm air.
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In addition to air conditioning installation and replacement, we are pleased to offer:

  • Air Conditioning Repair: Unfortunately, air conditioning equipment may need repair from time to time. Ables, Inc. offers professional, thorough repair services.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Ups: Choosing annual maintenance for your air conditioning system promotes better and more efficient operation, and improved comfort for you!

When you need air conditioning installation and replacement services for your Zanesville home, Ables, Inc. is ready to assist you. Ables, Inc. is ready to help you get the expert air conditioning installation and replacement services you need for your Zanesville home. Our professional technicians will provide you with the quality equipment installation you need to stay cool and comfortable.

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