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A scorching summer day without air conditioning in Zanesville, OH, calls for a quick response. This part of Ohio experiences its share of intense summer days, and it's crucial to have a consistent flow of cool air in your home. Air conditioning systems tend to be reliable, but even the most reliable AC workhorse can have something go wrong with it. Don't delay—give us a call now to restore the flow of cool air in your Zanesville area home.


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When Should I Call an HVAC Repair Company?

If your air conditioner isn't powering on, or blowing warm air, or emitting strange, loud noises, it's time to call us. Our team of skilled HVAC technicians understands that unexpected repairs can be stressful, so they conduct a comprehensive inspection of your system. You'll receive a clear and straightforward explanation of what is going on with your air conditioning system. They'll outline the necessary steps, provide an estimate of the time required, and detail the costs. Our technicians are well-versed in addressing both common and uncommon issues that may cause your air conditioning system to not work or underperform.

Below are typical issues and repairs we frequently encounter when called out to service a problem with an air conditioning unit or system:

Common AC Issues and Repairs:

Air Filter Inspection

Depending on your description of the problem and our experience, we inspect your air filter to check for a build up of  dirt that will hinder the flow of air. The air filter protects your AC from dust and debris, and a dirty one will affect overall performance. Replacing a dirty filter often can restore peak performance. Regularly changing out your filters is a cost-effective way to keep your air conditioning performing better for longer. 

Refrigerant Levels and Leaks Check

If your AC is running but not cooling your house adequately, it could be due to low refrigerant levels. If we identify that there’s an issue with refrigerant leakage, we’ll provide you with some solutions for the problem. Our technicians are trained to handle refrigerants in compliance with all EPA and local standards.

Blower Fan Examination

A malfunctioning blower fan will make some unusual noises or even completely stop. We assess the condition of the motor, its balance, capacitor health, control board, bearings, and thermostat to troubleshoot the possible cause and propose a solution.

Capacitor Health Assessment

A faulty capacitor can cause multiple problems with your AC unit. We can usually spot a bad capacitor promptly. Capacitors tend to give out after five or more years of service. So, based on the system's age and service history, replacing damaged capacitors could be enough to get your air conditioning system working again.  

Outdoor Coils Inspection

Regular cleaning of outdoor coils is vital due to exposure to the elements. During service calls, we examine the condition of your cooling coils and provide necessary cleaning. This will get your coils cooling again for optimal performance during Ohio’s long summer days.

Thermostat Check

The thermostat, a crucial communication center, is inspected for functionality. Whether it's a traditional thermostat or part of a smart home system, we offer repair or replacement services to maintain efficient cooling.

Condensation Drain Examination

Condensation lines, which are responsible for removing moisture, can sometimes get clogged up or damaged. Regular condensation drain cleaning during maintenance calls ensures proper functioning and prevents leaks and water damage.

Defrost Control Inspection

If ice buildup occurs on coils, the defrost control system is examined. This sophisticated component regulates the air conditioner, turning it off during frost detection and restarting once the ice is defrosted.

Compressor Evaluation

The compressor, a critical component, undergoes inspection for signs of aging, unusual noises, or performance issues. We conduct a diagnostic assessment of the entire system, recommending repairs or replacements based on the condition.

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Don't endure another baking hot day without air conditioning in the Zanesville, Ohio area. Our HVAC company has been making service calls for AC repairs in the area for decades. Call us now so we can diagnose and fix whatever is wrong with your air conditioning system and get your cool air flowing again.

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Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning system is failing, that can mean you and your family Get in touch with us as soon as you notice one or more of these signs – it may help you avoid a complete system breakdown – and a more expensive system replacement.

  • Your air conditioning system is making more noise than usual or making unusual noises.
  • There is a musty or moldy odor coming from your system.
  • Your air conditioner is not turning on at all.
  • Your AC system is not adequately cooling your entire home.
  • You’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills.
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In addition to air conditioning repair, Ables, Inc. proudly offers:

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement: Our expert technicians can install new, high-quality air conditioning system with more efficient cooling ability in your home.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Ups: Choosing an annual maintenance check for your air conditioning system promotes better and more efficient operation of your whole system. This will not only improve your comfort level, it'll give you the peace of mind of knowing that you're ready for summer.

When you need air conditioner repair for your Zanesville home, Ables, Inc. is ready to help.The professionals at Ables, Inc. are ready to help you get the expert air conditioning repairs you need for your Zanesville home.

 There’s no need to feel hot and sticky - just give us a call at (740) 453-6015 or contact us online today!