Air Conditioning, Heating, and Electrical Services in Heath, OH

Heath is one of the new areas that we cover for HVAC services and electrical services. It’s just a few miles south of Newark, Ohio. Just as you get into Heath from Newark. It’s where you’ll find the famous Newark Earthworks Historical Landmark. The ancient residents of this area were the people of the Hopewell Culture, they built these geometric mounds found in the area for some mysterious purpose. You’ll find the Great Circle Earthworks in Heath, just off Hebron Road. It’s a popular tourist attraction and a centerpiece of the culture found in the city of Heath.


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Family Fun and Local Charm in Heath, Ohio

One of the perks that residents of Heath get to enjoy is the summer time activities found at the Heath City Water Park. For a fee, local residents can enjoy a full summer of time in the pool, going down the tall water slides, or meandering down the 660-foot river at the park. Hoback Park is another popular park in the area because of its location along the Licking River and its bikeway that goes under State Route 79.    

Heath offers convenient shopping with the busy Cross Creek Mall and Indian Mound Mall situated north of Hebron Road along Central Parkway. Locals enjoy the ease of finding everything they need close by, while shoppers from other areas are drawn to Heath's diverse selection of stores and restaurants. Our service area encompasses the peaceful residential neighborhoods surrounding these malls.

If you live in Heath and want to stay warm next winter or cool next summer, call Ables for our full range of HVAC services. We offer free quotes and same day appointments from our office just down route I-70.

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Heating, Cooling, and Electrical Services in Heath, OH

Heath, OH is host to numerous festivals that take place both indoors and outside. With a seasonal climate, Heath experiences chilly winters and hot summers. As a result, it’s vital that residents have an HVAC and electrical contractor they can rely on to help their families stay comfortable and safe. Ables, Inc. can help.

Ables, Inc. can help you get the HVAC and electrical services you need.

At Ables, Inc., we offer a full range of heating, air conditioning, and electrical services to people in the Heath, OH area. Whether you’re in need of repair, maintenance, or new system installation, you can rely on the expert HVAC technicians and electricians from Ables, Inc. to meet your needs, both professionally and promptly.

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How Do I Know if I Need HVAC or Electrical Services?

You may not be sure how to tell if you need heating, cooling, or electrical services for your home. Fortunately, there are a few indications that will let you know when it’s time to call a contractor.

  • Your heating or cooling equipment is making unusual noises.
  • There is a lot of dust circulating in your home when your HVAC system operates.
  • Your utility bills have been higher than usual with no good reason.
  • Your lights flicker on and off.
  • Your circuit breakers trip often.
  • You are not as comfortable as you’d like to be in your home.

Get the HVAC & Electrical services you need for your Heath, OH residence.

Ables, Inc. is ready to help you get the expert heating, air conditioning, and electrical services you need for your Heath home. Whether you need maintenance, repair, or a brand-new system, we can assist you.

There’s no need to feel uncomfortable – just give us a call at (740) 453-6015 or contact us online today!