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There are various ways that homes in the Zanesville area stay warm during our cold Ohio winter days and nights. Some homes in the area have a boiler, which provides radiant heat using water heated by the boiler and distributed via pipes running through the home. Typically fueled by oil, it ensures even and consistent heating. Alternatively, a furnace with a ducted system distributes forced air throughout a home, fueled by various sources, like electricity, natural gas, or oil. Heat pumps are gaining popularity due to advances in technology. Not only can they efficiently heat a home, but they can also be used to cool down a house. You might have a geothermal system, which is similar to a heat pump but draws air from the ground to heat and cool a home.

As one of the oldest and most respected HVAC contractors in the area, we have extensive experience with all of these systems. Whether you're looking to replace an old heating system that’s broken or struggling, or need repairs on your existing system, we can assist you. Additionally, we offer heating system maintenance plans for regular visits to our clients in the areas we serve in Ohio.


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Furnace Heated Homes

It’s probably most likely that your home has a furnace in it. Furnaces are the most common heating system that you’ll see in our part of Ohio. A furnace is a versatile piece of equipment because it can use a variety of energy sources to operate. Based on your home’s location and your personal preferences, you can easily get furnaces installed, repaired, and maintained in our area. Most homes in the areas are built with duct systems that will distribute the warm air throughout your home. New furnace models have excellent efficiency ratings that get the most from the fuels you use. We’ve been working on furnaces since 1967, and we’ve seen a number of advances in technology over the years.

Boiler Heated Homes

You might have a boiler in your home that distributes heat throughout your home using a network of pipes carrying hot water. Boilers are generally heated by oil but can also be heated with natural gas. By providing radiant heat, homes can feel cozy in a short time and provide even radiant heating throughout a home. Boilers have fewer moving parts and tend to last for many years. Having them properly installed and maintained will add to their overall life expectancy. We work on all kinds of boilers, including some older ones that just keep on working.

Heat Pumps

We have been seeing more and more people using heat pumps for their homes to both heat and cool with efficiency. Powered by electricity, these pumps transfer heat from the outdoor air or from underground and distribute it through the duct system. It’s a cleaner and more efficient way to heat a home. Additionally, the process is also used to cool off a home during our hot Ohio summers using the same process of pulling transfer of air. Using a heat pump can lower utility bills and help the environment. We install and repair heat pumps for a number of our customers in the area.

Geothermal Systems

Similar to a heat pump system, a geothermal system is going to pull air from an underground loop system that uses the stable temperature of the planet to either warm or cool a house. These are great systems for saving on fuel over time and maximizing natural sources of energy. We can help you learn more about installing a system in your home. If you already have one installed, we can help with maintenance and repairs of your geothermal system in the Zanesville area.

Ductless Heating

If your home doesn’t have a duct system, a ductless system is a great way to warm and cool a house. It uses electricity and can be placed in a room, addition, or an outbuilding that doesn’t have ductwork or has special climate needs that a ducted system is struggling to supply. We install these versatile systems throughout the area, and you can learn more about our ductless system services here.

How can Ables help me with my heating system?

We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians and support staff who will take your home heating needs seriously. We work hard to provide you with swift solutions to any heating system issue that you might have this season. We can help you get your heat back on, if your furnace or boiler has stopped working. We can come out to your home and give your system a yearly tune-up. We can also help you get a brand new heating system installed that's going to run more efficiently than your older one ever did. Our goal is to keep your Zanesville area customers warm and happy during the long winter months we have in this part of Ohio.

Signs You Need Heating Service

Not sure whether or not you need service for your heating system? Here are some signs that your heating system may need one of our technicians to come out to look at your furnace, boiler, or heat pump system:

  • Your energy bills are going up without an explanation.
  • You notice a lot of dust appearing when your system is on.
  • There are unpleasant odors coming from your heating system.
  • You're not getting heat evenly distributed through your home.
  • Your heating equipment is making unusual noises.
Furnace Repair by a technician

Ables, Inc. is pleased to offer a variety of heating services to meet your needs.

  • Heating Installation and Replacement: Ables, Inc. can provide you with a new, high-quality heating system, installed by our professional technicians. We install furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and ductless systems using quality equipment and trained technicians.
  • Heating Repair: Nobody wants to think about their heating system breaking down on the coldest night of the year, but if it does, Ables can provide you with expert repairs. We can come out and diagnose the problem and get it fixed. Call anytime for emergency help!
  • Heating Maintenance and Tune-Ups: Getting annual maintenance for your heating system can help it operate more effectively, efficiently, and reliably. We can check for potential problems and optimize the components of your particular heating system. Get the peace of mind that comes with regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

Ables, Inc. is ready to help you get the expert heating services you need for your Zanesville home. Whether you need maintenance, repair, or a brand-new system, we can assist you. There’s no need to feel chilly and uncomfortable.

just give us a call at (740) 453-6015 or contact us online today!