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Would your business or organization love to have year round climate controlled comfort, but it's just not in the budget? If you, your employees, customers, or associates are tired of sweltering in the summer and enduring the wide temperature swings of conventional heat systems in the winter, Trane's Leasing Service has the answer!

Trane Leasing Service's mission is to provide flexible financing products to make your comfort dreams a reality.

Capital and budgetary restrictions that once stood in your way can be easily overcome with one of our tailored financial solutions. Let one of Ables' experienced professionals assist you in structuring a lease to meet your  specific needs.

The Benefits of Leasing Through TLS

Low, Affordable Lease Payments. Easy to fit into your company or organization's budget with only a small down payment.

Cash Flow Benefits. Match the lease payments against energy savings associated with your new energy efficient HVAC system.

100% Financing. Spread the cost of the entire system including equipment, facilities engineering, delivery and installation over the term of the lease.

Protect Credit Lines. Conserve your valuable bank lines of credit for your other business needs.

Retain Capital. Conserve your available capital sources for acquiring inventory, working capital or expansion.

Hedge Against Inflation. Fixed monthly payments allow you to budget a predictable amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can Installation Begin? Installation can begin when all required paperwork and advance payments are received.

Is There A Minimum Transaction? The transaction must be over $1000.

Does The Monthly Payment Include Tax? All monthly payments exclude any applicable taxes.

Is There Money Due Up Front? Generally, the first and last payment are needed to get the lease started.

Will Payments Change During The Financing Period? The monthly payments are fixed for the term of the lease unless a special lease structure has been pre-arranged.

Who Carries Insurance On The Equipment? You are responsible for insurance. Usually, insuring financed equipment does not increase premiums on your existing property insurance policy.

What Happens At The End Of The Lease Term? You own the equipment after all scheduled lease payments are made. Operating leases are available upon request.

How Do I Get Started? Contact Ables Inc. at (740) 439-2186,
1-800-922-2537 toll free, or 740-439-2158 by Fax.

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